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Car Lockout Pacific Beach

In addition to the services listed on our roadside assistance page, we also help you if you are locked out of your car. This is a common occurrence and happens to millions of people every year. Many times, people try using mechanisms such as coat hangers or magnets. However, if you choose to try such a way, you run the risk of scratching or damaging your car’s windows and/or the rubber stripping along the edge.

How We Do It

We possess a professional locksmith kit which can help us unlock your car in the safest way possible. We aim to protect your car’s locks and windows while helping you gain access quickly. If you were in this situation, here is what we would do to help you.

First, we would insert a wedge between the car window’s glass and the rubber stripping along the side. The wedge size and material must be chosen carefully so as not to damage the window by exacting too much pressure. We would then insert a tool that we can use to manually unlock the car. This tool is a long metal strip and can be designed to specifically fit the various types of door locks created in vehicles. Some of these tools end in lassos or hooks, depending on the type of car and locks. However, sometimes this is not necessary. Cars that do not have keypads can be unlocked by using a lock pick set on the car door’s lock outside. However, our selection of the service we will provide depends on what kind of car you have and which lock picking service will best fit your needs. Car lockout Pacific Beach can help you receive access quickly.

Our Rate

We charge a flat rate to perform the service. It does not matter where you are located or the amount of time it takes to pick the lock. Our flat rate lockout service will be available to you 24/7.

Because we have had so much experience in this area of assistance, we are quick and efficient in our way of helping you access your car once again. If you are in need of this service now or are interested in more information on the subject, call us at (619) 728-4006!!!